How have Croatia's form been recently?

They have been performing well, and their form is solid. Croatia are in Group D of the Euro 2021 tournament alongside England, Scotland, Czech Republic. so they'll need to put up a strong performance if they want to progress.

How do odds for Croatians team look? They're looking really good - it depends on who you ask, when checking the odds at most bookies.

What will happen when England and Croatia meet? It's really tough to tell - there are so many factors that go into the game of football, but we think it'll be a close one! What do you think?

Croatia squad - Points to consider

Croatia's full squad for the Euro 2021 has yet to be announced. However, Croatia have a strong side and there are plenty of talented players on their roster - keep an eye out!

What are Croatia's odds to win the tournament?

- Croatia odds to win the tournament: 16/25
- England odds to win the tournament: 13/20

The general team form - Points to consider.

- The Croatian side have been performing well recently, and we think they're really strong in all areas of their game right now! Plus there are some big names on that squad giving them a seriously competitive chance and good outright odds comparatively.

What are Croatia's chances of winning the tournament?

This is a team with serious firepower, with a strong defensive lineup and some great defensive players. Croatia were one of the surprises during the World Cup, and they're looking in good shape heading into Euro 2021!

- Their chances to win the tournament are 16/25 - that's a pretty respectable chance with odds like that!

- England have decent outright odds at 13/20 too, but we reckon it'll be Croatia who come out on top here...

We think Croats can't go wrong with these Euros. They might not quite match what they did against Argentina though 🙂

Croatia is currently number 12th seed for betting and has an excellent chance of winning this event next year. This team beat Spain on penalties after extra time in their first game so you know there's lots of potential.

Who are the key players in Croatia?

- The key players in Croatia are Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic and Dejan Lovren.

Croatia have a strong defence with these three which is important as this team will be up against some of the best teams in Europe next year!

Lovren has been playing for Liverpool since 2014 so he has plenty of experience where big games are concerned. He also played an instrumental role back home after being born into war torn Bosnia & Herzegovina. This guy knows how to play when it matters most.

Rakitic was Barcelona's vice captain before moving to Sevilla earlier this year (talk about picking your moments!)

Who is Luka Modric?

Luka Modric is Croatia's captain and a world class player. He has all the attributes to be one of Europe's best players in the coming years. His creativity, vision, shooting ability and tactical awareness make him an invaluable asset for any team he plays with - which makes it tough for opponents when they come up against them. He was named Croatian Footballer of the Year six times including three consecutive seasons between 2011-12 (last time anyone achieved that).

Rakitic’s speed on the ball is also vital as most teams will struggle to keep up with his tempo so don't underestimate this guy!

Ivan Rakitic can play equally well off either foot too meaning defenders have no idea what direction to anticipate when this powerhouse starts coming towards you.

Who is Ivan Rakitic?

Ivan Rakitic is a Croatian footballer who plays as a central midfielder for FC Barcelona and the Croatia national team.

Rakitic started his professional career with Sevilla, before signing for Schalke 04 in 2008. He spent three years at Schalke, appearing in 74 matches and scoring seven goals before returning to Sevilla in 2011. In 2014 he signed for Barcelona on a five-year deal.

With the club he has won four La Liga titles, two Copas del Rey, one Supercopa de Espana, one UEFA Champions League title and three UEFA Super Cups among other honours; during this time he also reached the final of the 2015–16 Copa del Rey where they lost their chance to get any real progress.

Who is Dejan Lovren?

Lovren is a Croatian footballer who plays as a central defender for Premier League club Liverpool and the Croatia national team.

He began his professional career at Dinamo Zagreb, before joining Lyon in 2008. In 2014 he moved to Southampton where over two seasons he made 73 appearances across all competitions; during this time Southampton qualified for their first ever European finals after finishing eighth in the Premier League, reached an FA Cup semi-final and earned qualification back into Europe's premier international competition by virtue of league position. After moving to Liverpool on 31 July 2015, Lovren helped them win one UEFA Europa League title (2016), one EFL Cup (2017) and three consecutive Super Cups (2016–18).